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Reed Diffuser & Soy Candle Gift Set

Love Your Body Essentials

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Reed Diffuser & Soy Candle Gift Set

Give an amazing gift to yourself or a friend that you can customize. Choose one diffuser and one soy candle for this gift ready hand stamped pouch to complete your gift.

Freshen up your home or workspace with a fragrant reed diffuser. Diffusers are a great alternative to candles because they give out a subtle continuous scent throughout the air. The fragrance is drawn up through the bottom of the reeds to the top through its micro-mini straw. The fragrance comes to life once the liquid is drawn up through the reeds. For best results, flip the reeds only once per week or less for maximum scent dispersion.

We use high-quality reeds, essential oils, and fragrance oil. Our diffusers do not contain alcohol, DPG and are phthalate-free which means no harmful chemicals and means you get a longer-lasting diffuser that doesn’t evaporate quickly.

Most of our diffusers last 4- 6 months depending on which fragrance you choose however, most customers come back to tell me theirs is still going after a year.

These refills may be used in their own packaging or your own vase. Each refill comes with 7 reeds & one bottle with diffuser oil.

Soy Candle
Our soy candles are made from eco-friendly 100% soy wax and have a cotton core wick for a soot free burn. Each hand-poured candle scent has been tested a multitude of times to ensure a slow and even burn that lasts approximately 50-60 hrs and gives off an amazing scent throw. We use the maximum amount of essential oil that will still allow a perfect burn. Be aware of claims of being tripled scented. Soy wax holds only a certain amount of fragrance before the burn is compromised. Rest assured our soy candles are superb quality. Once you try our soy candles you’ll know the difference.

You may have heard of soy candles being referred to as a massage candle or lotion candle. It's true, you can use soy candles in that manner. The wax melts at a low melt point and so you can dab a little on your finger without getting burned. Use it as a perfume, lotion, or give a massage with the melted wax.

Sometimes the candles you purchase have variations in the wax and the colors can range from white to cream to a yellow shade. This is normal and will not affect the integrity of the candle in any way.

We recommend you trim your wick to 1/4 " before each use, and allow the surface to form an even wax pool. This will ensure the best burn and longevity of you soy candle.

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