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There are no coincidences!

Love Your Body Essentials started in 2007 when I was asked to join a home show party to sell aromatherapy products. I had already been making and giving away aromatherapy products as gifts. I’ve been following my passion and the business has been growing every year.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a love for fragrance. My earliest memories were in the candle isle with an insatiable need to smell each and every candle. It seemed I couldn’t get enough. Much later, on a trip to Costa Rica, I discovered essential oils. I naturally developed a passion for aromatherapy. Eventually I was inspired into making gifts for friends from essential oils so they could feel the therapeutic benefits too!

My business literally started from listening to a dream that I had one night. I awoke with a strong knowing that I needed to do something more with my essential oils. It had never occurred to me before. That very same morning a woman, whom I hardly knew at the time, approached me and said “Don’t you make essential oil blends?” She told me that she was having a party with artisans and was wondering if I could to set up a table with my essential oil blends. I just knew that this was no coincidence to be overlooked and so Love your Body Essentials began. I was inspired and began my journey by using my passion for fragrance to come up with a product line.

I had no idea that all my past experience would be so helpful. Being a dental assistant has certainly helped in the need for sterilization and organization. I also had the privilege to have a mother who was an artist. I helped her art shows growing up. She was very successful in what she did. She once told me her secret to success, she said, “I always make each piece as if it were for myself.” I have found that this was the best advice ever and helpful in my own success. Each product I make, I absolutely love. I give each item my fullest attention. I am certain you will feel the love and care I put in into each and every item!