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Dream Aromatherapy Spray

Love Your Body Essentials

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Dream Aromatherapy Spray
Dream Aromatherapy Spray

Dream is a restful blend infused with Lavender essential oil. It is lightly floral, warm, & soothing. Its aroma is known for its calming & relaxing qualities. It’s often used as a sleep aid at bedtime to help quiet the mind & body.

Our all-natural therapeutic-grade sprays are gentle enough to use on your body, face or pillow. They can also be used anywhere to deodorize and refresh a space. I use mine to refresh my yoga mat, bedding, bathroom and I love to spray it in my home before guests come over.

Each aromatherapy spray is thoughtfully packaged in a recyclable glass bottle to ensure freshness and quality. They are crafted by hand with care, and made to order to ensure absolute freshness!  (You may receive a cobalt blue bottle depending on stock) 

Contains: Distilled Water & Lavender Essential Oil

Choose from 2 fl oz or 4 fl oz


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