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Reed Diffuser

Lemongrass Reed Diffuser

Love Your Body Essentials

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Lemongrass Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass Reed Diffuser

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Lemongrass is lemony with a hint of fresh greens and spice. Its aroma eliminates odors and is known to calm and relax the body, mind, and spirit.

Freshen up your home or workspace with a fragrant reed diffuser.   Diffusers are a great alternative to candles because they give out a subtle continuous scent throughout the air. The fragrance is drawn up through the bottom of the reeds to the top through its micro-mini straw.  The fragrance comes to life once the liquid is drawn up through the reeds.  For best results, flip the reeds only once per week or less for maximum scent dispersion.

This can also be used in your water diffuser. Just add a few drops to the water for another wonderful and cost-effective way to scent up your home.

We use high-quality reeds, essential oils, and fragrance oil. Our diffusers do not contain alcohol, DPG and are phthalate-free which means no harmful chemicals in your home.

Most of our diffusers last 3- 6 months depending on which fragrance you choose, however, most customers come back to tell me theirs is still going after a year. The rate of disbursement depends on where it is placed in the home, how often you flip the reeds and which fragrance you choose.

These refills may be used in their own packaging or your own vase. Each refill comes with 7 reeds & one bottle with diffuser oil.

4 oz

…Awaken Your Senses…


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